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OptimumOptimum Optimum Care Anti-Breakage Therapy featuring Oleo Ceamide Technology with reparative ceramides, strengthening panthenol and protein. Its proven to penetrate chemically-relaxed, natural or color-treated hair instantly rebuilding damaged internal structure for more than 100% Stronger hair after just 1 use! Optimum Care Dandruff Solutions is the perfect combination of nourishment and moisturization to keep your hair and scalp flake-free. Each product in the four piece system is packed with dandruff fighting actives, moisturizers and olive oil to help balance your scalp and keep your hair moisture-rich, beautiful and flake-free.

Optimum Oil Therapy is just what you need for hair that is beautifully nourished and richly conditioned. Featuring Micro-Oil Technology¢ä, Optimum Oil Therapy penetrates each strand with mico-beads of essential oils and natural ingredients including Coconut, Olive, Avocado, and Jooba oil to moisturize, nourish, repair, strengthen and protect your hair with no greasy build-up.

Optimum Care products have many products to help repair dull, brittle hair, and stop them from breaking. Their products are meant to nourish, replenish, condition, and protect your hair. Their relaxer is chemically designed to add body to your hair, and their styling products are designed to not weight your hair down. Optimum hair products are a system for relaxing and moisturizing your hair to make a straight, easily stylable hair. Their multi-step, multi-mineral products, when used together, provide a beautiful head of hair. Also available is their Oil Therapy line, to help add moisture and shine to your hair, and repair the scalp.

Optimum Hair Product. Optimum Care Hair Product. Optimum Oil Theraphy Hair Product. Optimum Relaxer.
Optimum Miracle Oil 6 in 1 4.1oz
Optimum Miracle Oil Hair Moisturizer 9.7oz
Optimum Miracle Oil Creme 4oz
Optimum Care Salon Collection Sheen Spray 10oz
Optimum Care Defy Package Hair Restore Shampoo 13.5oz
Optimum Care Salon Collection Fortifying Conditioner 13.5oz
Optimum Care Salon Collection No Lye Kit Reguar
Optimum Care Salon Collection No Lye Kit Super
Optimum Care Bodifying Kit Mild
Optimum Care Salon Collection Heat Protection Polisher 4.2oz
Optimum Care Salon Collection Conditioning Masque Packette
Optimum Care Salon Collection Whipped Oil Moisturizer 8.5oz
Optimum Care Salon Collection Essential Nutrients for Dry Scalp 0.25oz
Optimum Ultimate Recovery Shampoo 13.5 oz
Optimum Ultimate Recovery Conditioner 8.5 oz
Optimum 3-n-1 Cream Oil Moisturizer 9.7oz
Optimum Shine Booster 3.4 fl oz
Optimum Dry Hair Healer 4oz
Optimum Hair & Scalp Quencher 4.1oz
Optimum Oil Theraphy Hot Oil
Optimum OptiCleanse Neutralizing Shampoo Post Relaxer Shampoo 16.9oz
Optimum Opti Potion Styl Lotion 16.9oz
Optimum OptiIntense 16.9oz
Optimum OptiCalm 16.9oz
Optimum OptiShape 8.5oz
Optimum OptiShine 1.7oz
Optimum MM Reduced pH Creme Relaxer 14.1oz
Optimum MM Reduced pH Creme Relaxer Relaxer 4lb
Optimum Salon Repair Cleanser 16.9oz
Optimum Salon Repair Deep Conditioner 16.9oz
Optimum Salon Repair Elasticity Re-Builder
Optimum Salon Repair Reconstructor 16.9
Optimum Salon Repair Scalp Equalizer 3.4oz
Optimum Care Anti-Dandruff Theraphy Pre Shampoo Scalp Exfoliating Treatment 3.4oz
Optimum Care Anti-Dandruff Theraphy Daily Flake Control 5.1oz