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Nene's Secret

Nene's SecretNene's Secret "When I was growing up in Africa, chocolate wasnÍt just a sweet treat for us kids to eat, it was actually great for our hair. My mom used chocolate in her homemade hair masque that left my hair moisturized, shiny, vibrant and smelling ohh so good. IÍve made sure to use her same formula with enhancements IÍve learned from my career to bring you My MomÍs Hair Masque (M.M.) so you too can be happy with your healthy hair."

"The Kahalari Melon isnÍt just one of my favorite fruits to eat, but also one of my favorite ingredients to use on my hair. The lightweight oil from the seeds of the melon protects the hair and scalp from damage. It was also the perfect addition to my Gorgeous Gro (G.G.) to provide ideal nutrients for hair growth."

"During my modeling career, a lot of the heat styling performed would take its toll on my hair. One of my favorite hairstylists always stressed the importance of applying a rich leave-in conditioner before styling to act as a heat protectant. When creating my brand I made sure to take his advice and create a great Leave In Conditioner & Detangler (L.I.C.) that will surely coat your strands, protecting you from heat damage and spilt ends."