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NouritressNouritress NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins addresses all of the problems that women have when they come to the Salon. NouriTress Vitamins builds protein, feeds the hair follicle, adds volume & shine to the hair, builds root retention, prevents hair loss and controls dandruff and graying. Hair growth requires maximum delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle. Without the required vitamins, amino acids, protein, and nutrients your hair will lose the fullness, strength and liveliness you want for your hair. Research has shown that our bodies lack nutrients due to our busy schedules, dieting and bad eating habits. NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins will provide maximum nutrition for healthy hair.

Hair needs as much nutrition as the body. NouriTress is the only hair vitamin sold exclusively in salons and on-line. Packed with %100 of the recommended daily allowance (that's RDA) of 12 essential vitamins, four vital minerals, two fundamental amino acids and herbs, Nouritress is secret to complete and total hair maintenance.