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nuNAAT Cosmetics

nuNAAT CosmeticsnuNAAT Cosmetics nuNAAT Cosmetics presents a line of products specially developed with advanced technologies for the hair and body beauty treatments. Our cosmetics are produced with several natural ingredients, mainly from the Amazon Forest. They are obtained through ecological processes and sustainable development, generating income for the local communities, contributing for the forest preservation.

In an age where ˝going naturalţ is the new big thing, being close to nature has always been a way of life for Brazilians, and nobody knows the secrets of the Amazon like they do. Brazilians have always looked to this rich forest for healing and comfort. Brazilian women, in particular, have used plants and nuts such as aŹaŇ, cupuaŹu, buriti, guaranÓ, and Brazil nuts oils in their beauty routines for as long as they can remember. They═ve used these ingredients to nourish their skin and their hair, never needing to look beyond the Amazon to find what makes them beautiful.

All of these ingredients can be found in nuNAAT═s diverse product line that caters to those seeking the best that nature has to offer.