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Milky Way Que Human Hair Braid

Milky Way Que Human Hair Braid For shine, great volume and natural texture, Milky Way Que human hair master mix bulk braiding hair is the trusted choice for great hair. The Que by Milky Way collection of braiding hair improves the tangle-free, natural look of 100 percent human hair with a master mix of special fibers that add more resiliency and curl-holding power. Picture having your dream hair now make it a reality.

At, we carry the top Milky Way Que human master mix hair braid styles in your choice of 14-inch, 16-inch or -inch lengths. Choose loose deep bulk or deep wave bulk for big or defined curls. Choose water bulk or Milky Way Que Appeal bulk to achieve more volume for your perfect new look. Enjoy the rich texture of Milky Way’s Que human hair master mix Yaky bulk, or go for the beautiful finger curls of Milky Way Que bulk hair in the Natural Super style. Bulk human hair gives you more freedom to apply single or rowed braids. Avoid oily conditioners, and use your fingers to comb your new curls. To maintain your beautiful new hairstyle, shop our expertly chosen braid-in hair care products.