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Cosmetics & Makeup

COSMETICS Finding the right set of makeup and cosmetics can be a real challenge, especially if you have common skin concerns like blemishes, uneven skin tone and dryness. But we provide an expertly curated selection of top-quality cosmetics to help you find the just-right shade, enhancements and highlights for your unique skin, so you can get ready for your day or special occasion feeling properly put-together and flawlessly radiant.

Our makeup selection ranges from all the day-to-day essentials you need, like mascara, foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, blush and eye shadow, to more specialized items like face masks, facial tissues and nail polish. We carry face and body makeup by brands like KleanColor, Kiss, Nicka, Black Opal, Irene and more. From dark circle correctors to loose powder to liquid foundation, each of these brands offers lines designed to help you correct specific imperfections in a way that’s natural and wholesome for your skin.

We carry brands that are uniquely designed to help address skin concerns that specifically effect women of color. Black Opal makeup, for example, offers an impressive range of formulas and a stunning collection of shades to match the expansive spectrum of skin colors in African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. Similarly, Black Radiance Cosmetics feature formulas that are made to help celebrate the beauty of your history and culture, leaving you with a perfectly matched skin tone that honors your true heritage.

Once you’ve determined your exact facial makeup preferences, explore our selection of top-quality accent makeup including sharp and sweet lipsticks by brands like KleanKolor, Milani, Black Radiance, Zuri and more. We also offer must-have accessories like makeup sponges and brushes, eyeliner sharpeners and more to help you get a salon-worthy makeover that complements your unique facial features.