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Lace Front Wig Glue Adhesive and Remover Solvents

Since 1978, Premiere Products, Inc. has developed and marketed advanced products for the health care, hair replacement, medical, make-up and special effects industries. As chemists with world class research experience and resources, PPI knows ingredient safety and efficacy. PPI is licensed by the FDA to manufacture over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and follows all industry and governmental guidelines for responsible manufacturing, thus ensuring the highest quality and safety. Lace Wig Glue, Lace Wig Adhesive and Solvents, Wig Glue, Lace Front Glue.
Morning Glory Gro Protect Solution Sienna Brown 2oz
Super Magic Lace Front Wig Bond 1oz
Super Magic Wig Bond Remover 1.25 oz
PPI Super Solv 4oz
PPI EZ Off Adhesive Remover 4oz
PPI Aqua Bond 1oz
BMB Super Lace Wig Glue CRAZY HOLD
BMB Super Lace Wig Glue Strong Hold 0.5 oz
BMB Super Lace Releaser Spray 2oz
BMB Super Citrus Lace Remover Spray 2oz
Liquid Gold Lace Front Bond 1oz
Liquid Gold Lace Front Adhesive Dissolver 4oz
Salon Pro 30 Second
Roberts Diamond Bond
PPI Super Solv PLUS 4oz
Vapon Skin Gel Bottle with PUMP Scalp & Skin Treatment
Vapon NO TAPE Silicone Bonding Adhesive For Lace Wig .25oz (3.5gram)
Vapon NO TAPE Silicone Bonding Adhesive For Lace Wig .5oz
Vapon No Tape Silicone Bonding Adhesive 1oz
Vapon TOPSOL Adhesive Solvent Remover 4oz
Vapon Professional Bonding Adhesive 1/2oz
Liqui-Tape Silicone Adhesive WATERPROOF 1.3OZ Brush On
Liqui-Tape 1/2oz Brush On Waterproof Silicone
Mity-Tite Brush On Acrylic 1/2oz
Ultra hold 1/2 oz Brush On Acrylic 3-6 week Hold
Lace Glue Brush
Mity-Tite Brush On Acrylic 1.3oz
Ultra Hold 3.4oz Brush On Acrylic 3-6 weeks hold
Salon Pro 30 Sec Lace Glue 1 Step Color Signal Remover
Rapid Release Adhesive Remover 12oz
C-22 Solvent 4oz
Vapon Topsol Chromatone Restores Fading Hair Pieces 4oz
Vapon Topsol Adhesive Solvent 32oz
Walker Scalp Protector 1.3 oz Dab On
Lace Release 1.1oz (Dab on)
Lace Release 4oz
Walker Tape Scalp Protector Spray 2oz
SAFE GRIP Copolymer adhesive 1.3oz
Beverly Johnson Lace Wig Bond 1oz
Beverly Johnson Lace Front Wig Glue Remover 4oz
Beverly Johnson Lace Wig Bond Remover Step 2
Beverly Johnson Lace Wig Bond Skin Protector
Beverly Johnson Touch Up Bond For Lace Wig Bond
PPI Sigma Bond
PPI Top Guard Skin Barrier Dab-On 1.1oz
PPI Color Guard Shampoo 8oz
PPI Color Guard Conditioner 8oz
Salon Pro 30 Sec Anti-Fungus Super Hair Bond Glue 1.5 oz
Krazy glue ALL Purpose
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