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Liquid Gold - Hair Care Products

Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weav Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weave for Weaves, Fusion and Extensions the Extra Super Bonding and Extension System. Our products can create the magic and completely transform a womenÍs appearance. Weave, Fusion and Extensions requires that you take extra special care of your hair. Here are Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weave products that will make it easy fast and safe to take care of your own natural hair and added hair.

Because of the uniqueness of LIQUID GOLD, when compared with all of the other bonding products, mainly that the weft and the scalp hair are bonded after a short drying time (3-5 minutes) you can also do BOND FUSING without the need of expensive, sometimes dangerous equipment (see instructions) BOND FUSING is useful for braids, extensions, duck tails or contrasting colors for streaks, tips or frosting. And will stay on indefinitely.