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Prevents Wardrobe Malfunctions: (25) 1 Inch And (25) 1/2 Inch.

Fashion-Fix Apparel/Body Tape  50 Tape StripsFashion-Fix Apparel/Body Tape  50 Tape Strips TOPSTICK¬ has been the professionalÍs choice for years. ItÍs been a closely guarded secret used by Movie Stars, the Fashion Industry and Show Business professionals alike. TV shows like ñOn the Red Carpetî have some of HollywoodÍs biggest stars revealing they use Topstick¬ to keep their loosely fitting and revealing dresses on their bodies!

Topstick¬ FASHION-FIX» is the original fashion tape, with over fifty years in the industry. Our unrivaled adhesive gently adheres to your skin, is hypo-allergenic and leaves no residue on your skin or fabrics. ItÍs clear, doesnÍt cover up the skinÍs natural color and is more discreet and fabric friendly than pins or clips.