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Men’s Items

Here at, we’re all about equality. That’s why we carry this enormous selection of men’s accessories to help you get the perfectly polished and tailored overall look you desire. From top men’s hair care items like brushes, combs and razors to fashion-forward accessories like men’s hats, headbands and wave caps, this treasure trove of men’s accessories provides you with a head-to-toe finish that speaks to your personal style.

Our selection of men’s combs and brushes are uniquely designed to help target male-specific hair care concerns. Featuring brands like Annie, Thompson and Brittny, these men’s hair tools range from durable, wooden paddle brushes to convenient folding metal picks to help you keep your hair neat and out of the way all day long. We also carry a huge selection of men’s hair and skin care products by top brands, including men’s hair dye, curling cream, hair dressing, wax gel and more, all designed to help you achieve a barber-fresh look that works with the natural chemistry of your hair.

We also stock our shelves with an expansive variety of chic and stylish men’s fashion accessories. Our selection of hats ranges from stylish, multi-color knitted kufi hats to cool fedoras with fun, understated patterns. We also carry men’s visors, vented caps and ivy hats for a look that tops off any outfit to perfection. In our huge selection of bandanas, you’ll find vibrant prints ranging from camouflage to American Flag to help you keep your locks organized in style.

If that’s not enough to get your accessory wheels spinning, check out our array of men’s must-haves like credit card wallets, sweatband sets, wooden beads, oil burners, air fresheners and more. With’s hassle-free return policy and quality customer service, you can rest easy throughout your entire transaction.