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Nail & Foot Care

NAIL & FOOT CARENAIL & FOOT CARE For a stunning at-home manicure or pedicure, you need the best nail tools from start to finish. Our selection includes everything you need to clean, shape and trim your nails, plus the fun part: a huge selection of nail art tools like brushes, nail wraps, stickers, press-on nails and decadent nail polishes for a flawless, fun finish.

Whether you’re a salon owner or an at-home manicure aficionado, it’s essential to keep up with nail art trends. That’s why we offer all the best nail art tools, including top-quality nail design brushes by brands like Goldfinger and Adventa. Ideal for use with gel, acrylic and natural nails, these brushes provide a variety of tip sizes to help you achieve whatever intricate, clean designs you can dream up. We also offer a huge array of fun nail jewelry, gems and art including Kiss Nail Stickers that come in playful, vibrant shapes and colors.

For a clean, spa-worthy mani or pedi, explore our selection of top-quality nail tools made by innovative beauty brands that understand each and every one of your nail care concerns. We carry nail clippers, tweezers, nail files and more, plus all-in-one nail care kits than include all of this and more for easy, on-the-go use. We also carry a huge array of acrylic nail accessories and tools, like primer, acrylic powder, dip powder, acrylic nail cups, French tip pens and so much more.

It’s always essential to have a well-stocked variety of colors to choose from, so browse our inventory of striking nail polish to pad your selection. We carry OPI nail polish in colors ranging from natural pinks and nudes to bright shades that catch the eye. We also carry OPI treatment essentials, including OPI Skin Quenchers, top coats and more to inspire hundreds of perfect, professional manicures right from the comfort of your own home.