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Emery Boards & Buffers Brushes & Other Tools

Emery Boards & Buffers Brushes & Other Tools
Nail Buffer Square
Doall Black / Orange Sanding Block Grit 100 120 180
Doall Black / Purple Sanding Block Grit 80 120
Kiss White Buff Block ExtraFine/Fine
BT Toe Separators STANDARD
BT Toe Separator FLOWER
BT Nail Brush LARGE
BT Nail Brushe SMALL
BT Nail Brush with 3 FINGER HOLDER
BT Sanding Block PURPLE (COARSE)
BT Sanding Block WHITE (FINE)
Doall 3-Step Nail Buffer
Kiss Emery File
Emery Board Black
Sapphire File 7"
Doall Sapphire File w Trimmer
Doall Cuticle Pusher (Stainless Steel)
Kiss 10 Professional Manicure Sticks
Three Step Buffer (1 Board)
Emery Boards & 3 Sticks
Emery Boards 12ct
Emery Boards 100/180 Grit 7"
Doall 2pc Color w/Brush Nail File
Brittney Nail Brush
Annie Nail Brush w/ long handle
Brittny Nail Brush Two Sided
Brittny Nail Brush Softy Bristle
Nail Brush Each
Kiss Nail File F100 All Purpose File & Smoother
Kiss Nail File F101
Kiss Nail File F103
Kiss Nail File F112
Kiss Nail File F113
Kiss Nail File F180
Kiss Nail File F200
Kiss Nail File F202
Kiss Pedicure File
Doall Banana Buffer GRIT 100/180 Sold Individually
Doall nail Buffer GRIT 7" 100/180 Sold Individually
Doall White ZEBRA Buffer GRIT 7" 100/180 Sold Individually
Kiss Callus Rasp
Kiss Exfoliating Block & Casing
Kiss Heel, Toe & Elbow Pumice
Doall Blackhead Remover (Stainless Steel)
Doall 7 Step Nail Buffer
Kiss Nail File F101 4 Way Nail Shaper
Kiss Nail File F222 4 Way Ultra Shiner
Kiss Nail File F180 Black with White Center File
Kiss Nail File F901 Zebra Curve File
Kiss Nail File F900 Fun File
Kiss Nail File F223T
Kiss INGROWN Toenail Clipper