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Lottabody - Hair Care Products

LottabodyLottabody Lottabody is a very trusted African American hair care brand. Their wrap products include foam wrap and setting lotions, as well as cream wrap. Lottabody products dry fast and wonÍt flake, and help create excellent styles with body and shine for chemically relaxed hair.

Lottabody Cream Wrap, Lottabody Foam Wrap Lotion, Lottabody Setting Lotion, Lottabody Straight Stuff, Lottabody Wrap and Style Gel, Lottabody Wrap n' Tap'n Wrap Lotion, Tress Tranzition 4 in 1 Shampoo, Tress Tranzition Curling Gel, Tress Tranzition Foam, Tress Tranzition Max Setting Lotion, Tress Tranzition Press and Curl Wax, Tress Tranzition Straightening Lotion. A salon favorite for years, Lottabody provides hair care and styling product solutions at an affordable price for both consumers and professionals. In 2014, Lottabody introduced a new range of styling products with Coconut and Shea oils designed to give women the freedom and flexibility to create beautiful, long-lasting looks for both relaxed and natural hair.

The new Lottabody Style Collection includes STYLE ME Texturizing Setting Lotion, WRAP ME Foaming Mousse, CONTROL ME Edge Gel, SHAPE ME Custard Gel_e and MOISTURIZE ME Curl & Style Milk. The professional line includes the original concentrated Setting Lotion which is perfect for wet setting, blow styling or waving natural or relaxed hair.