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Most Organic and Healthy Hair 100% Same Cuticle Direction

Vivica's Reserve 100% Purest Virgin Remi Human Hair Weave VIVICA'S RESERVE 100% PUREST VIRGIN REMI HUMAN HAIR AVAILABLE IN 10", 12", 14", AND 18"

The Ultimate in Remi Luxury!!!! This hair has amazing texture making it great for blending with your natural hair. Processed organically, you can shampoo and wash this hair several times! And did we mention...NO SHEDDING! With proper maintence, this hair last for 6 - 12 months!

Collection : EXTENSIONS Hair Type : Remi human hair Style : Straight Length : Long

What's so special about Vivica's Reserve? THE HAIR IS 100% YAKI Human Hair. It is not blended with silky. Blends of yaki and silky are cheaper to produce-it's like watering down quality to make it go further. Pure yaki blends are simply better and provide a consistent look, feel, and style. 100% SAME CUTICLE DIRECTION GUARANTEED Because all the hair cuticles run in the same direction, manageability is far superior. This means it's better for curling, teasing, straightening, etc. 100% YOUNG HEALTY VIRGIN REMI HAIR GUARANTEED The purity and health of the hair is not compromised during processing. No metals are used - metal is very harsh and damages the virgin hair. Nothing but all natural materials are used in the Reserve factory: just wood and marble.

Because of the same cuticle direction and the health of the hair, the problem of tangling is eliminated.
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