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Hollywood Tiffany Remi Human Hair

Hollywood Tiffany Remi Human Hair Long Life Hair Truly healthy hair is elastic. The side bonds holding together the individual fibers of the hair are very strong. Elastic hair can be stretched without breaking or damage and can return to its original state. Our Tiffany Remy Yaky Hair has 50% elasticity„the best in the market.

Resistance to Damage Our Tiffany Remy Hair has low porosity between its cuticles, which are the tough outer layers of the hair. Less pores between cuticles makes this hair ideal for bleaching, tinting, relaxing and perming. Our hair is designed to be resistant to damage by chemical products.

Superior in Quality Whereas most companies treat their Remy hair with acid or recycled water, our company treats the Tiffany Remy Hair with subterranean, natural mineral water. Our special treatment process kills bacteria without adding damage to the hair.

Hand picked Quality Control experts analyze the cuticles of the Tiffany Remy Hair. Each bundle is then gathered by hand from the worldÍs best and healthiest strands of hair. Our hair is tagged root-end first, and the strands are sewn with all the smooth cuticles following the same direction. This process avoids tangling in the hair. Tiffany Remy Hair is then packaged and distributed throughout the world. Resistant to Shedding We produce our hair by a special method that includes securing the Tiffany Remy Hair with special glue. Our wefts are reinforced, and these tracks prevent the hair from shedding.

Easy to Curl Tiffany Remy Hair retains heat and produces long-lasting curls. Healthy, beautiful hair, such as Tiffany, can be trusted to hold a curl and maintain your favorite desired style. Create a multitude of styles with Tiffany Remy Hair. Our long-lasting curls are the product of our hairÍs most desirable elasticity.

The Hollywood Dynasty Hails a New Queen

The Hollywood brand is synonymous with beauty, luxury and integrity. The Tiffany line of Remy hair represents these exquisite qualities and adds both class and value to the Hollywood label. Tiffany is more than a series of hair; it's a status.

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