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Wet n' Wavy Super Freeze Spritz 10oz.

Product Information
Wet-n-Wavy Super Freeze Spritz, a unique Panthenol-enriched super-hold formula that is soft to the touch. Though non-flaking, it freezes the hair instantly in place to insure an all-day hold, even through humid conditions. Superior gloss agents impart brilliant sheen throughout. Use also for a light manageable hold, when just a little control is needed. Super Hold Humidity Resistant Superior Gloss Sunscreen Protection Directions: Hold bottle 8 - 10 inches from hair and apply evenly with short quick bursts. Allow to dry and spray again for an extra-stiff hold. It is a unique formulation for the customer who prefers super hold that are soft to the touch. The hair can be instantly frozen into any shape and charged with extra stiffness that holds all day even through humid conditions. Also may be lightly sprayed for control manageability and a finished look. It contains sunscreen protection, conditioning and gloss agents that make the hair look beautiful, healthy, and shiny.Read More >>

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Wet n' Wavy Super Freeze Spritz 10oz.