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Clairol Pro Shaping Gel 3.63oz

Product Information
Styling Collection Get extra-strength hold that doesnęt flake or feel stiff. Color Safe styling products provide volume and shaping, keeping hair looking healthy with plenty of shine. The Styling collection uses customized 3D Sculpt moldable technology to help create virtually any shape you desire, resulting in long-lasting hold. Shaping Gel «Provides extra-strong hold and definition to accentuate style. «Delivers an extra-strength hold that doesnęt flake. Usage Instructions Depending on the texture, thickness, and length, users should start with the recommended usage amounts and apply more as needed. Shaping Gel: Work a quarter-sized amount into damp or dry hair and style as desired. To finish, use to define individual strands.Read More >>

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Clairol Pro Shaping Gel 3.63oz